Prime Earth Development Co., LLC ("PEDCO") is a Scottsdale, AZ based land investment company. PEDCO’s Managing Member is DDMC, LLC. All of PEDCO’s properties are currently for sale. For specifics, please hit the “Properties” tab. PEDCO has hired a consultant to assist with the disposition of the properties, Mark Winkleman, the former State of Arizona Land Commissioner.

Our business plan in 2005 acquired reasonably priced un-entitled land (i.e. "raw land") in the path of growth, planned and platted it into mixed use master-planned communities, (the entitlement process converts raw land to a per lot value) and eventually sell blocks of entitled lots to home builders at a profit. PEDCO acquired the properties using proceeds from the sale of Investor Interests in specified Property Private Placement Offerings.

Our business objectives; preserve and protect our investors' capital by acquiring property with all cash, low offering costs (100% of investment is accredited to the property), and deferring PEDCO's profit until our investors are paid first. Proceeds from the sale of the property are used to (in order of priority): (1) retire the investors' capital; (2) pay a stated interest return to the investors; and (3) pay the investors a percentage of any net profits made on the transaction.

We communicate with our investors as needed to keep them informed of our progress and current market conditions. PEDCO is solely responsible for overseeing the preparation of future distributions and project specific income tax returns, including K-1's.